Simplify: how many are closed, [front door] please. they would all be knowing by now and then…Are they worth it, not you, please no genius this time, you can help “THEM” counting & mine? Note: the victim support are triaging in reverse too, [no link].

There will be no genius that time, I give you a little help with it all.

Closed: country of origin, cross-border,on their soil: THERE.

police: THERE.

justice: THERE.

Government: THERE.

Other administration: THERE.

Medias: THERE.

What for: THERE.

Businesses: Are they unfit for purpose: THERE.

Now the “intelligence services” are in the same trouble then you, one against the other, exactely like the list given before.


which side of the bargaining chips, trials, torture, civilians directly, jobs, military staff, every other category as listed, women and children too, please?

No Trump, No Clinton, no no, no leftover please.


So why i do not exist, must be you then? Not only all “alternative facts”

that maralago was ridiculous in comparison, while very scary and effective, that was the end of it, who. Some say Trump may have given all the spy they had abroad then they were killed. But looking at this epstein, clinton everything, it gets quite unsteady and contradictory in the press too. But still, that FBI “chief of spies” has been arrested in the UK, according to an article online I have witnessed more directly.

Bargaining chips, trials, information, victims, so as the rest and as usual, 1/2, 1/2, and no leftover, but sorry what? MY ID. Do I exist then, Alex Jones please but it is true actually, no one else AT THIS ADDRESS, MAP.

Nobody can trust a nazi (ex-ussr back to the WW2)

Nobody can trust the US now (Putin after the 1/2, 1/2)

Plus a goldwin point for laughing.

A “shapeshifting creep” from Biden for bargaining chips after the great fart, here comes the little hush in a rush.


To reliev the most slurs I could, then to survive my own mind I did this one:

X there to add it (remember something else with it.)

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