(*) Therapy fiction: la Chthulhu Machine, cbi wireless, virus made men, comme vous, elus meilleure inspiration litteralement, de… L’univers entier.

Voila mon Ouest, ah pardon: personne a cette adresse, mon syndrome de stokholm non proprietaire enfant et ces aliens dont je sui sla reine en mission sinon pourquoi: ils vont tirer, cela m’est egal, bien fait pour vous.

Il va en manquer encore plein et de reprises successives, mais le fond du propos est ici, avec vous : je le reprendrai ou plus tard si je le peux encore.

Project: Humanicide

The Chthulhu Machine


This is a therapy fiction (victim & recovery).

Test a worse hypothesis with my English skills while coding a website (exercise 3 in 1)

A worldwide wireless computer brain interface (see on wikipedia)

Like the haarp(5g) wireless telepathic network, as if the work of a Dr.Mengele, Benway Jr. & associates for the Mkuktra.

(For the Mkultra project and for the DR. Benway in the naked Lunch by W.S.Burroughs, for Dr. Mengele/Death during the WW2, for the haarp and 5g telepathic weapon conspiracy version, see on wikipedia).

If it was a weapon but further a virus let for sale: your own, you will become that virus made man.

Thus to win is to lose: it was forbidden and yet too late.

Let’s imagine the worse “antigeny” possible instead of a possible progeny

thinking of what happens too often in case of a genocide or under some artificial discrimination, with a certain type of wars, when a most unsteady dictatorship is about to fail it all with itself.

There it can offer a tool for comparison

If only maybe such a generic was found for a humanicide, while modularity and implementation and by any other means, to stay looking at it all in the dark, only sleeping but at last automated, like another kind of an insecticide and already further compiled : just one more weapon, just one more for the road, that was closed.

Reverse evry problem and the clock with it too

Only to see how far you go, how many loss, how may to get lost, no ticket back, no way to get one, what no can mean, what all the rest can mean, just so it sleeps instead of you all, maybe someday.

Cut every links inside out, getthe bottom up, destroy one’s sex and mind and society

If to lock is to desactivate one state which is a dead limb as if you provided your own resistance like a shadow, forever self-yielding property, but there it will be made automatic and extremely violent: only you don’t see that, it needs to go and grab, one after the other, that is the way it goes, if only the last : you will be the last, by every other mean possible, only to imagine, that most simple generic to unfold possibly in as many more as possible after, not you, it.

All every format must be considered

So your meat, your society and institutions, your mind, your technologies, your business, your food, everything at once:

You are the poison, you will be next or get punished for it, just differently.

There is like this interlocked wedding ring, forever escape as if never, a curse.

Filling the gap: in creative biology or creative thinking, is that any idea for starter.

Filling a gap, go connect, a sex and mind and other types of exchanges: human, material, cultural and if that market goes nuts, is that dissonant enough for you, or in reverse maybe, like a both ways that leads to nowhere, in the middle that was cut and grabbed by some virus, in and out.

Or a forever escape game that leads to nowhere, nobody, nothing, only to get none but to shut it all down, no other way, so them infest and we die, it all.

Onself is put to sleep, maybe there it survives.

The literary any quality won’t be considered there, if only someday I can be clear and concise, the most square and economic I only manage to be.

It is a therapeutic fiction that is searching for else subject and property, while sharing horrendous experience like never, it is only fantasy filtering, like dreaming, filling a gap, fixing one muscle, as it needs only to go further, never look back, are they still running after you, a meat need and further: what is there further: to?

To oneself at least: I breathe, who knows about nobody nowhere nothing just so the day after.

And another possible discussion, research topic.

Testing 1st: the scifi approach

Testing it with a fiction but as if in practice or yet materially happening with its own internal logic to unfold, before even knowing how to build such a machine, or how to implement such a strategy by other means.

Ask a question first: to limit or to define a subject is never easy, it gets more usually many more with it at first: HUMANICIDE

By any other means, thus to explore such means and events of a kind with a diy nightmarish walk of men and science. If no means no, and it is all or you, your own anyway too.

Humanicide > exe.

Keep on looking for it everywhere and dream you can find at last: the purest hell as simple, as tiny as one pearl you will eat to death. That old manic idea of the most generic that gives infinite possibilities, if you can then tailor it to your needs, does it sound absurd to you for starter? A worldwide wireless computer brain interface like a virus made man. Absurdity or a man, to walk further, to fill a gap, or going to anyone, to anything else?

What is a CBI ?


“Direct communicstion pathway between the brain‘s electrical activity and an external device” from wikipedia with a lot more already an dmany arrows to get followed further.

Such as Non invasive, Partially invasive, Invasive.

There I get back to read it again. As it gets blurry in my own memory and I need to write it more clearly, that very quickly. It seems I cannot find it back, exactly the same, while a confusion may have be occuring, not all if it as it was making sense enough on the first try for me, in the following chapters.

still I may have liked it better for an over simplification I needed,

So the CNV or contingent negative variation, so a feedback loop, and how I did set it there for me was: that little variation you get from that S1 to S2 (a cursor let’s say), which for me became V1/V2.

Thus a stimuli would get answered, or expected, or maybe not,

there was more space like time or any gap to add it another link, thus I can already go my own way,

This is no proper theory or technological perspective there, I started that before finding that other word for it, I did not expect it.

I still wish I can read it once or twice more carefully, if only, maybe one day.

Yet it seems there have been more, quite a few have failed too, as seen on TV quite a while back, I remembered that on a broader scale, human experiment of the invasive devices were prohibited, while some have been implanted still.

I was interested in how that pink laser from the scifi novel Siva by philipp. k. dick, would actually format and contain information to be sent to a human brain through the eyes, as an infrared gets translating back to visible light, and if heating like for a spider or a snake, there was an experiment with a cat’s eye as mentionned in wikipedia too,

A stimuli and all the other cross-roads as mentionned first on tv and in the book: the voices within too if i remember correctly: a device can get telepathic if only articulating while not yet and your mouth will stay closed, it is like a cross-road between motor-auditory brain network, like a nervous pathway inner, so you dream, so you see, etc.

Of course, that j.Mnemonics short story by william gibson was known while left unread, since that movie with keanu reeves and so a pirate chip and the idea of a matrix, that cyberpunk other trend was also presented in some gothic elegy french magazine.

I barely read, I did it more for a few years, never what was actually asked for, my health was not the most helpful that time I did try, I can mention the years it was,

I wish I did or I can do more.

So the articles seem revolting to me even further too far often, purely revolting.

Inside its own it gets fxcked up already or too far visible of a useless stick they play, also useless as a pre-boxing just waiting there for the next item, is that down to earth or totally crazy, sometimes it truly gets … Nevr only the ocntent and internet ants nor the gonzo youngter they like to affiliate to their ACTUAL all good media shitx.No, I do not want to get upset, tired, I need a longer break.

oh there it is: “WIRELESS” means ? invasive as one cheap ? Not even no.

What about math-fiction, go ask yourself first, see later or never, the story aims to go elsewhere quicker, so many stuff i cannot know that far or quick.

If a forbidden frequency more likely and to fit with and via which type of medium, was asking for a calculation plus a series of test with some material there was, because it still needs a logistic or a weapon there, jsut of a differenttype and to get deployed then accordingly.

I dunno phone neither, what i know : get it there: allo, get it further: allo ?

If you were let say or something in your mind, a big phone just yourself ?

what it does: can go visting basic concepts too, while that other horrible walk.

that format comes first if data digital have to stay themselves or to get processed before reaching that other side through radio, air or else frequency so to speak or share a photo with your mobile phone ?

If you did miss that too I mean: the math fiction so the rest,let me laugh or just you did take maths…Only that…

You probably have been missing of that same already made i expect ten thousand times, very silly lol:

The telekinequantum: if that golf ball is already both there and the other side of that hill,being a wave plus a particule, now imagine, you get it back without having to walk PLUS a designfrom the UFO series, PLUS see that guy on his golf club scifi ridiculous car ? It is the chief of mission impossible himself ok ?

From there and for that version: too many maybe strange maybe less questions in the blink of an eye.

If a feedback loop and many inner coms, with sensors. A HUMAN EMBEDDED SYSTEM.

If a network (brain central) and oneself assessment?

the nervous system, perception, memory, subconscious, consciousness ?

Needs > anchor, image, example, as intuitive and general there, all the same.

Integrity of a network > if error in signals.

The encapsulating > there what did I mean ? integrity minimum for transfer, meaning if the signal gets to oneself only X from else-anything or else-anyone, it needs to get patched, solved, drawn back to itself as for X body and mind assessment, or you get many alarms numbing, losing too or getting far too much of.

THERE placeholder: nerves as if, dreaming of, the faces as mirrors and stimuli, the voices, the parrots, the synchronicity, the lock-in, overload effect, the numbing, overstressed effect, the literal any twist, the voodoo and impoverished, the lack of space and time, the lack of oneself, the inner rape and insukts and threats, the impairment, pulses and noises, rythmic anomaly, constant illogy, pick one associaed or only passing by instead of I and go for a non sense like a hammer, get burried to hide, go speak like a funambule inner, just keep that string there you go, teh eyes: before, elsewhere, subconsciously missed then shout where oh, the sounds over stressed like hell on earth no animal and still, etc.

Is it going to break? There imagine a fictional calculation of a kind: placeholder.

There I did have a laugh: how far can you divide a second, imagine you go to a negative value of time, I prefer it gigantic, it is free there,

and if the most ridiculous assertion gets like another riddle: the dismatch or paradox you need to get solved:

“So they, launch one neuron at a time, in the same time.” Now get drunk sober, because:

if a plasticity potential: minimum-maximum range

and a structure, an architecture of a different type for that only network brain,

go to assess, why it is not broken yet, why not.

Another thing, I finally and probably aperceive in forbidden planet movie, a loosy adaptation of a tempest by shakespeare, see on wikipedia.

Aperceived while once again, it may still stay quite different, am I even interested: yes, when I can if needed a better and more careful look at it.

Needs a break (another night without sleep, get what you can, see after.)

A stranger mirroring illusion and time effect: like a reversed property, as i need it there for free.

a dream for white, black, grey balance of any consequences, that reality itself, forbidden planet gets interesting there too. Placeholder.

A biohazard: a virus made man, a human bomb.

Thus how would them do: a speed issue with one box, how deep how quick gets it served, a dope effect, root has been cut, inside communication there instead.

Type of pre-processing profiles it may get:

What for anyway: placeholder, a cheap factory of SS-Swine.

1984 gimmick: go solve a contradiction:

Placeholder: to read it again and correct it.

Thus I wanted to go somewhere else, I made that way through those references, but I never read 10984, I still want something from it to be useful: the gimmick of an art and still more inside, so much more than you can maybe have one day, maybe not it is up to you: Black is white, war is peace, freedom is slavery, love is hate, etc. Can you solve it : yes quite obviously: That is to say: their links there do not show it is more like a dandy aphorism, that node in the carpet where everybody falls at a cocktail for mudayne.

To lose is to win: no point ? What, who, where, when, hierarchy, what for: victory, go torture, what for ? lose one by one, cut your limbs and ask you that question again: what for ?

Black and white are not a colour, they are ? Maybe as a mnemotechnic twist, you’d prefer to say that but add it one more box.

How can you hate without love or belonging even to one lost self or never had, a particular frustration, anything ? Manic madness or an absurdity, unfair idiots, war pigs or what else ?


black is white 1984: another flipping cards game: think of it differently too: a child asking you why anything every second, an aspiring philosopher and a hierarchy of norms, a judge with a particular law system, a manager or a teacher with questions and other various remarks, sometimes no. The questions can get more generic and spread forever like cards for playing or yourself can play the inner child too: LINK

Defining Polarities with a pseudo-pseudo-code (or any other shortcut)

second: I still need a little program, there will be no code for coders but a practical shape of a pseudo-format? Define polarities and a direction.

Metaphor with a computer allowing: Energy spending and allocation, for measurements, 0/1 as rest/spend.

how do you drive/where do you stop? 0-Trigger/Pattern-Process/Retro-Control-1

Assessment of a circumstance by oneself? Time, space, pace, unknown/known: direction?

Levels like inside a human nervous system > society > idea > go connect: from attachment to another being: filling a gap. 01 sex/violence, rest/motion, pleasure/pain.

Hierarchy, Signal, allocation, feedback, friction, solve, hierarchise, delay, reasoning,

If for starter. Custom couples good/bad: While: Generic/Background/Custom/id

Married/single Rich/poor Sex/violence Mercy/fury Love/hate Peace/war Nice/mean ….etc….

Who is what and how > network > Type of exchange > Human, Material, Cultural > value ? Infest > corrupt > break it.

It still needs a pseudo-pseudo-program for the torture device such as humanicide > exe


Grab signal, exclude against: Term against term Absolute exclude absolute One launch 1st origin >>> reverse, pain, distort, replace with TYPE conflicting, before, after,

production patching, in order to correct, dream, feel, think , grab it elsewhere, sell it back fake, steal it all inside a man. Dissonance, entropy solving : more for less but inner out. A weapon like never before at scale.

Exclude opposite values Stress, contradict, distract, deprive of Rewards and punishments reversing

Side effects: gold fish, sociopathy increasing, dope abuse, pain, slowliness, , pavlova, group and neurotics, torture, overload, schizophrenia.

To lose is to win? Inside else: in their hands like a puppet an addict a nothingness. What, when, who, where =what for = SOLVE IT ONLY WITH true values? Hierarchy ? > torture. Polarise, exclude, close ? grab or shoot ?

Like dope is grab :

diy neuro kit for sale like torturing insects: Not that nor that closed: decompensate nervosity or a pun for that other girl, just a bit of a ridiculous lie it was, get a grab? Who ? Never to … And never back to… NO MAN NOWHERE NO MAN’S LAND NEVERWHERE ANYWAY.

Grab it more violently :

exclude absolute values which are nothing = all = the same. CLOSED. PAIN. While absolute is null, undefined

LINK. Stanley Kubrick as seen inside the Soundgarden music video for blow up the outside world, as my father told me: it was in the orange clockwork movie, kill or be killed, victim or killer, inside the prison reprogrammation scene, (mkultra style of experiment, or lsd vs panic moral with j.e.hoovering at the back ?)

Minimalism: the rule of three, a broken skullback in shape.

My orthopaedics for a broken cranium: like a coat hanger, boxes: go optimal three.

Who What How

Is that possible to algebra / order to get changed for a relashionship and thus a result, random placeholder:

(for) Who will be what (for) * who=what (for) what will be (for) who * what = who

authority type > 1 abstract process what for > 2 people incarnating > 3 masses organised >

*That actual Man in the middle and experiment from the 70s ?

Torture a guy for 5 bucks and an official scientist, no complaint, just an interview later: why did you kill that man ?

Echanges> type of > process > value Humain, matériel, culturel

Cynisme : definitions : 1) Intelligence ? 2) Socialités ? 3) Vouloir ?

3 : socialités, intelligences, choix ?

3 : en deçà, conventions, au delà ?

3 : autorités abstraites, incarnées, organisées ?

Agent 000 : 3 : en argent, en nature, par la violence ?

Combien de pays achetés et moins chers finalement au contraire, sous sa botte ?

Transferts : 3 : altérités, identités, intégrités ?

3 : trigger, control line, feedback ?…

3 : ID, network, échanges ?…

3 : humain, matériel, culturel ?…

3 : hommes, femmes, enfants ?…

3 : nature, énergies, technologies ?…

3 : défense, industries, médias ?…

3 : guerre contre soi, contre les siens, dehors ?


Twin peaks :une autre approche : remettre le courant.

🔺🔻🔺 3teeth ? The horse and the wife. 1🔺/2🔻/3🔺


Other science: an exploration

Such as demogarphics, mathematics,”information”, other development cursors, wars, technologies, (geo)politics, etc.

Popular, counter-cultural and historic reference: a list at random, just mine.

placeholder: list it there.

Get the news, them said, a possibility of an echo, maybe, maybe not.

Different sounds of a contextual possibility: general, personal:

POST 45:

N.W.O., welfare, security types, economy & EI, comwar, constitution & else states,

human and social rights, racism and bullies or the body of a woman, “allergic to food”, children rights.

 IQ under cocktail effect or a wish to publish a fashionable empty study to forget all about the rest; go list intellectual jobs by type by country: situation and other falsified data such as results in France,

Un cursors for a democracy, for development, for peace or state of war


Cambridge Analytica




Rape culture

Types of war

A complaint. Forgotten.

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