En attendant: que faites vous ? Et moi donc, ces nouveaux jamais projets encore voles comme ces mains d’oeuvre et ce pays a chacune de vos places. Je vais tenter de les reprendre un peu ce soir apres le clean de printemps de mes feeds, et pui sil y aura les documents, ranger ce WP, ajouter ce que je parviens, preparer les prochains envois si seulement possibles.

A reprendre et a completer: compter les projets, pour mieux dormir, essayer, comme une montre qui sait? Quatre ans de plus, vingt ans, quarante ainsi, quelle immondice vou spouvez etre et seulement, ce jour, cette date: 16/04/24 (plus le post update).

Counting else project like 1 alarm clock before it rings or never or never: only my own and time…How many candles till learning coding and I can read too…

Nothing in hands, no time or sufficient energy to get started, as it needs,
it is demanding too.

Just some animation or a silly game for a laugh, and for a music race into
space, if I had frank black in a taco, silver sufer, and asteroid triangle
spaceship too, on a frank black song from the album: the cult of ray, the
marsist, men in black for example ?

Try it which view if in 2d, vertical, horizontal, now imagine you have got
three.js for a 3d, maybe with that Thanatos effect stuff, what it gets there: a
scene, a view with a cam and an object to texture etc., with a documentation,

But the fit with any music, as I did not yet have a proper look back into
animation, nor any general knowledge about reading music, nor in the
mathematics world.

Time it takes to go from a spot to another, with a particular trajectory,
still not sufficient there, and about discrete motions, so it changes its own
motion when. Fair enough while looking if any other animation of this type: js.
 or tone.js, offer a few, longer is how to animate music and music
visualisation tutorials.

The very silly turn of it was the first attempt, while during a nap without
sleep, suddenly it went flat_____ As if someone, not even me, has just been
passing by, there you go: just put an x inside a bigger X, controls plus your
background there see how it moves, then add it objects, HOW STUPID IS THAT TO
BE CLEVER AS IF NOTHING YET_____________________

Not yet even sure that one can be working, I was trying to visualise inner
anything to get to hear that music properly.

That 1 attempt: has never been made, only it should if in anyway applicable,
but maybe the controls if arrows and there you go with a crappy triangle
struggling to manoeuver from a cheap trashy texture to a circle that means
planet, to the next. It means all the fun: struggling far into space there it
goes still and silly if not, nobody can never laugh anymore.

There after at last I had a look into animations and html games.

I realised that: draw an X or diagonals inside your canva which is a
rectangle, yet logical with visual landmarks, I had got sight issues sober,
from the coordinates, maybe you can draw inside out too, with a name, maybe
thatgets quicker, only to notice how my brain is missing of bandwith and it
seems to have cuts like saving the current, interesting how I canget back to
it, maybe that will increase my brain fitness while THIS IS FUN AND FREE:

If I first add that pseudo spaceship into a canva, and the bigger axe, I can
test the morion and controls it gets and set it there.

I have seen the tunnel effect: change style for circle, they get bigger
while moving too.

There would be: the collision, bouncing, points to set: so to read it first.

More easily I can add a sound or a pinball effect there too.

The fit with music needs a js play for mp3, landmarks to test like beat or
parts of a drum first.

Can there be a music race against a chronometer: which calculation to add
it, thus to avoid the all or nothing and to go for counting the results.

There I have found a hyperspace css 2d fake 3d parallax: diagonals that get
moving discretely at different speed I believe, I will try it then get it to
behave accordingly with the spaceship/speed/music.

The pulse animation can get like a wave moving the spaceship by default, and
changing colors if, or…

A stars basic one, other tunnel effects.


Next if I try a horizontal parallax with is a fixed background and an
addition of layers with items that move at different speeds, for a horse race,
first it gets absurd on a music sheet, so to know who will be first, like this
Europe bass cover on youtube with the bass that won’t let it go.

So to get the parallax plus the landmarks I may need.

That wii dance on click effect, or yet more keys if a different division or
the fit you must get anywhere else…

It is to open a time signature I think. As if 4 loops like a fuzzy licorn,
Pegasus, a horse, a second were playing repeatedly the same while the fit gets
elsewhere into some division of some sort: there you go, it needs to be a race,
who falls first, who gets last gets first.

What is a lead, if funky parrot from the first one or was it you, and from
that other nap without sleeping, with that supermario twelve different manner
to drum, why there I feel he is going backward, if only I coud first say it my
impression and testing it, imagine the wtf, while this one is actually slowing
it like accelerating, a silence and a jump, the other too, another change, bye


Site for Boxes: 1 to ?

So I can see it where it goes to. How I need it from 1 to ?

Copying (pasting js) other websites:

*video background, sliding video background, video headers/options.

*grids, borders, etc.

A layout for one website has got > How many boxes for ?

Header, menu, content, footer > options ?

Fonts have have rules, not or never a designer, exactly why

how many (min-max), what types together or not and sub-types, they have names with other rules (min-max-vocabulary for type > method in order, no need to know them all, make it short square.)

Colors have got rules (min-max-types)

and gadgets (how to use a color picker, from scratch, from another website look, from a photo, for a photo to get a little different too.)


(size, cut, colors to adjust to the minimum required and more often, each time, with no guess, no expertise. Other software or “gadgets”)


other visual effects ? Decorations, useful for : readability, acessibility if the size, etc. Another box, they can exactly be appearing on that site, keep waiting too, to get completed later.

Inner boxes for text : category > title > sub-title, etc. A visual element and further like in this book for quick reading > 50s psy-source mentioned and further there me: snail i started shouting at it, because obvious i can remember it before reading anymore of that… The title is there, on both extremity just underneath, can i better design then in reverse for: understanding, easing the read, memorising it ? Off course, the first part was about the table of content and the structure of it. As quick brain was reminding me of that old school experiments in the 50s too, memorise items, how quick, which type: you cut some task maybe you will remember better the first and the last, get one break if you can only, every 25 minutes, there about different or same optimal time for work, attention peak… It depends of course for waht and who and how , parameters persist they still can. His juggling nfg was a good deal for me, one three years if i said so and if i said so repeat , but i tailor it to my needs, that ball is only mine with my wobble board, losing and not that every time, work, breathing… I double the nothing sir: once lying on a bed, i go to space first: a chair, a bed, a table: why not a silly wobble board: it did help me better than anything else, plus without too much but giggle it does work for you, on it own, thus i did think, oooh, how long have i been waiting for that guy with juggling tips usefulplus in fact everybody knows already, you just repeat like a monk. Counting is soothening, is more fun, how many while if i tell myself 100 for one, if i said so. Then you stay there, for jack shit, good luck to you.

There it needs > colors maybe, structure visible and repetitions of, if needed.

Say a format > with or without tag: get anything to > ?

Manual practical user, ads, pedagogic, say only a kitchen recipe at a time, say i need a more organised, complete, digest synthese of, say i want a gap filler, get stuffed with listings and themes, there i get better busy elsewhere while never ?

Say glossary quicker if > image, text, etc. > find it quicker there already.

Is it pre-SEO, tag, etc. a box inside a box, like your div and layout and seo ?

Say animations , animations ? 3d, css, video, edition cut software, after effects, cartoons, game ?

Say: games & my astro-taste from nothing but …I do.

There types of game, engine what ? language, cross js., mobile, etc. You cut, order boxes. Physics, design, graphics, AI, etc… App market, ar/vr, wii or midi, pedagogic, OLD GAMES without computer too, plus you can count…

html, seo stuff, it is pre-data piping and marketing side the other box first:

Seo, tag, google analytics, logo, etc…Ads, link and pple you want, the every horrors all included. Say your content is like my lesson at my first state employer: USELESS: go flog it the most key words they have given you, say you give a shit means the very less, meanslike them we suspect. Other bitches: can maybe play your cd maybenot i am the dj now, maybe you will be my star ? Or just you pay.

The play on words, the site you cannot use, that is a “facade”, a haunted house.

Say : which memory type, local, cloud, back end what ?

Say data mammouth ? How from a site , if a cookie etc, where to, how again. Then the api, web scrapper, seo, other tools. Other businesses and dirty bags.


They say: go animate website:

There you go: the haunted website.

That text is sticky on hover and truly likes you, something is falling if you do not mind mousing it back, oops, that one get bouncing truly our apologies, while this woman is not just follwong you everywhere with his eyes, you tend to be paranoid that is it, once hal awake on spotify, scrolling while a sudden accident off field, quite sudden too, let me think that maybe that one more trashy head of a rotten skeleton, had put his pupils back in, there i go for a second look, silly that was another button just passing by, still the effect may remains and totally silly too, while are you sure, sometimes… Feeling paranoid ? Nooooo, no no, There get it animated all the stuff them said. Haunted, maybe too far visibly, the other times still….


Go animate sprite or else make it groovey ?

There while th ehook of a barbie can be more efficient truly, if a quick rigid shake only for a hip hop daddy boss, I better call her, a machine killer but still, let see if, that guy maybe gets it better, while distributing weights, two legs with one arse & two arms, plus a doughnuts, I believe not yet but someday, while it needs details and the basis there what can it be ? Lock, let go, distributing the weights ? I do not know, get it more simple at first.

From one shape, stuck to another, there you go familiar with your own landmarks, get to precise the shape and erase it in places, add shadows etc…

After ? See after.

Kim Tahyl or more likely I deserve it too: get his best ever photo according to myself, with spirals moving on different speeds, glitter gold texture, discontinuous, continuous motion, fitting with the mp3, add it other effects to test it. See how many very long: js animating music and music visualisers you can get.


Can go on and on and on, will get back there… Or not.

Maybe or not. And WP ?

Not likely, just wanna know later: there was not the purpose.

A theme, plugins, security and bugs, seo and other accessories for pictures etc. Customisations without code or php with the same html, css, js. WP market or WP customers more directly, it is all very interesting but it needs more and I have mede no particular plan for that WP itself. To know what a customer needs then want, according to your own possibilities and to manage to get it clear, is also a big challenge and necessary soft skill, as to inform them and let them the keys, their keys, as far as I get it, they were asking for a website they can manage more easily, to add it their own content or business. So the get one website min-max requirements for you to get working with it, the design, the commerce, the marketing, the back-end other issues, the security, the fixing bugs, the any fyrther update or improvment of one WP: many sides and it seemed when I had a quick look at it, that the community was lively and approachable, reactive and broad: if any issue there are many places to be looking for an answer before you reach for any pofessional, there are also plenty

Geometry without purpose helps with random fun and coding and this constant stitching needle that cuts it all through, like to put my head inside a bag , there it is, go counting, yet i get it why, this one does not get lost, maybe it can put that other tired bandwith to fitness too.


Or else mindful exercising virtue. Active cbt visualisation silent mantra other stick for a recovery: learning to kick boxing also to rewire what has been lost, micro-cutting a task, rewiring body and mind, the real one fit, makes my heart beat lower : why not a maybe cardio other routine, one real thought, that fits means 0-100: back to 10 only and still not dead, that feels good on the contrary.

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